Past events

On this page there are descriptions of some of our activities. For convenience, they are presented in reverse chronological order.

Spring 2007

The group organized a pizza party fundraiser (March 20) and a trip to the Wisconsin State Journal library (February). SLA-SC was featured in the SLIS Display Case, and members attended the ALASC professional development event on personal finance, budgeting, and new job HR issues.

In January the group hosted a career conversations event, and organized a tour of Abbott Laboratories library.

Fall 2006

In December the group helped support the SLIS pro, and organized tour of Meriter Hospital libraries. In Octover they toured the Wisconsin Veteran's Museum and Archives.


Fall 2005

The chapter website was redesigned and upgraded to web standards by Ron Wiecki, Megan Barkelar, and Kelly Allen, using XHTML and CSS, as a class project for Kristin Eschenfelder's "Information Architecture" class. This work improived the site's visibility to search engines and its accessibility.


Fall 2002

Members of the SLA student chapter gave a short presentation on the benefits of membership to incoming SLIS students at the new student orientation on August 29. On December 6, Librarian Leslie Christensen gave the chapter a tour of the St. Mary's Hospital Medical Center Library. A decision was made to hold a Special Library Career Fair in the spring. The National SLA Conference will be held in New York City from June 7 -12, 2003.


Spring 2002

On April 10, the SLA Student Group hosted its Annual Spring Colloquium, How to Stay Employable in the 21st Century, presented by Pat Wagner of Pattern Research in Denver.


Fall 2001

Members of our leadership team attended new student orientation and the student organizations colloquium to recruit new members. Over the summer the group was awarded First Runner Up for Creative Use of Electronic Resources and a certificate of participation for Innovative Programming in a Student Group at the SLA conference in San Antonio. We were able to visit a number of libraries this semester including the Forest Products Laboratory, the State of Wisconsin Law Library and the Legislative Reference Bureau.


Spring 2000

On April 10th, the SLA Student Group hosted a well-attended Annual Spring Colloquium, Branding the Information Management Process, featuring Roberta Piccoli, Senior Partner and Director of Competitive Intelligence for advertising giant J. Walter Thompson Co.

Dr. Georgianna Ziegler has sent us a virtual tour of the Folger Shakespeare Library.


Fall 1999

Management team members participated in the Student Chapter's Colloquium and the New Student Orientation at SLIS.

The group toured the Lithium Information Center during the month of November.

The SLA Student Group hosted a games night at the Memorial Union in November.


Spring 1999

Lisa Guedea Carreño was our guest speaker at the Annual Spring Colloquium given a lecture titles Special Librarianship: Competencies, Caveats & Curiosities from the Field on Thursday, April 22, 1999. In January of 1999, Ms. Guedea Carreño was featured on the cover of Inc. Magazine for a story entitled "The Smartest Little Company in America."

We celebrated International Librarian's Day on April 15th by inviting students from outside the United States to speak informally about libraries and/or library schools in other countries. Students who have had worked in libraries in other countries were also invited to share their experiences.

The SLA Student Group sponsored a tour of the Olbrich Botanical Gardens library on March 1st.

Management team members participated in the Student Chapters Colloquium at SLIS.


Spring 1998

During this semester a Virtual Tour, by Kee Malesky, of National Public Radio has been added to our site. The SLA Student Group toured the University of Wisconsin Mills Music Library March 30, and the Capital Times/Wisconsin State Journal Library on April 8. There was a brown bag lunch with the librarians from the University of Wisconsin Business Library on April 1. We celebrated International Special Librarian's Day on April 20 by inviting students from outside the United States to speak informally for a few minutes about libraries and/or library schools in other countries. This invitation was also extended to all SLIS students who have had library experiences in other countries. A panel presentation with the Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin was scheduled for April 22. On April 29 the Student Group hosted a colloquium titled, The Information Audit: The Information Manager's Most Critical Management Tool. Guy St. Clair, President of InfoManage/SMR, was the guest speaker. Afterwards there was be a panel discussion by Ethel Himmel, Kathy Brandel and Lynne Chase.


Fall 1997

Continuing the innovative Electronic Tour program started by the SLA Student Group members in 1995, the following special librarians gave us electronic tours of their of libraries: Lois Ireland of the EPA Information Resource Center, Pete Zeimet of the Barr Engineering Company, and Nerissa Nelson of the Bank of America library located in Chicago. Both Pete Zeimet and Nerissa Nelson are May 1997 SLIS graduates. The student group also met with two special librarians, Larry Jacobsen from the Primate Center Library and Patti Sinclair from the Pleasant Company Library. Since these libraries are located near the university a number of library students were able to attend both of these tours.

Copies of the UW-Madison SLA Student Chapter Cookbook were sold. This wonderful cookbook which contained recipes from both SLIS students and faculty.


Spring 1997

This semester began with a merger of the SLA student group and a class offered by our faculty advisor, Ed Cortez titled "Corporate and Specialized Information Services." As a class, we will be visiting libraries in the Madison area as well as libraries in Chicago, Oshkosh, and Appleton. We are especially looking forward to a tour of a federal prison library in Oshkosh as well as visits to several corporate libraries in Chicago including the Chicago Tribune libraries and Booz-Allen & Hamilton's information center.

Not all of the members were able to take the special library class this semester. The new members of the management team do plan, however, to schedule tours and events outside of the class as well as learn the duties and responsibilities of the team to take over after most of the current team graduates in May.

Professor Cortez has really shown his commitment to special librarians this semester. In addition to teaching the special library class, he has invited Sylvia Piggot, the SLA president, to speak on May 2, 1997 at a colloquium titled "Educating the Special Librarian: A Collaborative Approach." We hope students and professionals from around the region will also share in this great opportunity to hear Ms. Piggot on this most important subject.

We sold a cookbook compiled Kim Merchant and Nerissa Nelson with recipes submitted by students, faculty and staff of SLIS. Sales were a great success over the holidays.


Fall 1996

Due to time constraints, we were only able to tour a few special libraries in the Madison area this semester. The libraries we did visit were outstanding. They included Rayovac Corporation's Technical Information Services where Sandra Plisch helped to educate us on the specialized services she provides in the Research and Development library. We also toured the American Family Insurance information center and in addition to learning about their unique current awareness services to their clients, we were also given a great overview of the insurance industry. One of our members heads The Thorngate Library, located in the UW hospital which provides the information needs of the pathology department. This tour was special in that we as a group have not had much exposure to medical library services.

In addition to the tours we had scheduled, we sponsored a potluck to celebrate the completion of the SLA cookbook. It was fun as well as bring in much needed funds for future group activities.


Spring 1996

This semester we toured two special libraries in Madison including the State Law Library and the Primate Center Library. We also took trips to Chicago and Milwaukee. On our trip to Chicago, C. Berger and Company sponsored a lunch that included leading information professionals from Chicago area businesses, such as J. Walter Thompson, Chicago Tribune, Harris Trust & Savings Bank, and Booz Allen & Hamilton. While in Chicago, we toured the Information Centers of J. Walter Thompson, the Chicago Tribune, and the School of the Art Institue of Chicago. Our Milwaukee tours included the Wisconsin Electric library, the library of the law firm Foly and Lardner, as well as the Milwaukee Public Library special collections.

In addition to the tours we invited Laura Olsen from LaFollette and Sinykin Law Firm and Bronte Moran from the Surgery Library at the UW Hospitals and Clinics for brown bag lunches to discuss their careers as special librarians.

The SLA-SC also sponsored a potluck for International Librarians Day and also created a cookbook of recipes donated by faculty and students for a fundraiser.


Fall 1995

We introduced the concept of the Special Library Association at the New Student Orientation and recruited members at the Chapters Colloquium at SLIS. A potluck was hosted to encourage greater interaction between the student members. Hall displays of the activities of the Student Group helped advertise S.L.A. Fundraisers were held through the semester to add to our collection. Due to our activities in the past, we were given the opportunity to contribute the Committee of International Librarianship in SLIS. We also toured Helen Allen and Ruth Harris Textile Library, LaFollette and Sinykin Law Firm and St. Mary's Hospital library.


Spring 1995

By popular demand, we visited libraries of State Law Library, Promega, CCBC, the Travel Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, CUNA, Forest Products Laboratory in Madison and those at the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Tribune and Newberry library in Chicago. We hosted a potluck party for the School to celebrate International Special Librarians Day, and raised funds to help the School buy historical photographs.