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This page provides information on sources for professional development.

    NEWLIB-L is a discussion list for those new to the library profession who wish to share experiences and to discuss issues, trends and problems faced by librarians in the early years of their careers. However, the list is also a wonderful resource for those considering library school and the library profession, current library school students and established librarians and information professionals. The listserv has members from all over the world, at various points in their careers and from all types of libraries and information centers.
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  • Special Libraries Association - Wisconsin Chapter
    This listserv is open to anyone who is interested, but generally speaking most are members of the Special Libraries Association National Chapter who choose Wisconsin as their chapter affiliation.
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  • Special Libraries Association Divisions
    The Special Libraries Association National Chapter is organized into individual Divisions representing particular subject interests and fields within special librarianship. Most maintain their own listservs. Descriptions of the divisions and instructions for subscribing to a particular listserv are available at the respective Division's home page.


  • Competencies for Special Librarians of the 21st Century
    View the 2003 report, a revision of the original 1997 report. It provides a list of key professional and personal competencies that special librarians will need to possess for success in specialized information services.
  • Information Outlook Online
    The monthly magazine of the Special Libraries Association. You must be a member of the national chapter to read articles online. When you click an article's link, you will be prompted for your last name and pin number in order to continue.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook 2004-2005 Edition
    This annual publication of the U.S. Department of Labor provides information on the library profession, including the nature of library work, working conditions, employment statistics, educational requirements, employment outlook, anticipated income, related occupations and sources for additional information.
  • What Were You Thinking? If You Could Choose Librarianship Over Again, Would You?
    This e-mail survey was conducted in the summer of 1997 by Mara Houdyshell, Patricia A. Robles, and Hua Yi and its results were published in the July 1999 issue of Information Outlook, the monthly magazine of the Special Libraries Association. The answer to the above question? A resounding YES! Other questions in the survey asked what made an individual choose librarianship as a profession, whether he/she is happy in their work and the aspects of their jobs that librarians enjoy and dislike the most.

Sources of Information on Libraries and the Library Profession

  • Become a Librarian!
    This site was created by Priscilla Shontz and is a companion to her 2002 book Jump Start Your Career in Library and Information Science. (The book is available at College Library). It offers career development resources to students, new librarians and information professionals and those considering a library career. Topics covered include career planning, the job search, education, developing interpersonal skills, networking and mentorship. Each area is supplemented with links to articles, Web sites and print sources.

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